Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Queens Square & Hard Rock Yokohama!

I thought i would start this off with how our day started.
We had a nice day @ the pool ... all energetic and cheery... haha... just wait until the last photo!

So, kind of last minute we decided (Mel, Tiff, Ej and I)... to head to Yokohama and find Hard Rock Cafe'! I was tired, but excited!
We all had a easy easy easy time finding the Restraunt and it was Gooood fooood!

We took the train from IKEGO to MinatoMinai stop in Yokohama. The stop is pretty much Inside the Queens Square shopping 'Mall'.
We had to walk through the mall to reach the Hard Rock, only about a 5 miniute walk.

This is the moving stairs we had to take, to make out way outside.

Wow! :) This is the Waterfront Amusement area. We did not go this time, but next time for sure.
That Ferris Wheel takes 1 hour to make it around!
I wont be doing that.
And, WOW... look at that photo of the family, Worst Ever... haha... Ethan OMG.
Evan too!

YAY we made it---->

This seams where i stopped taking pictures.
I don't know why... but this is all i got! haha.
The food was good, but keep in mind pricey!

This is a Sculpture right between the Queens Square and the Landmark Plaza (Which we did not do that night, but look for more on that coming up).
This reminds me of something out of MIB the movie! haha

The Ferris Wheel was Really pretty @ night! It kept changing into all different colors/patterns.

Remember i said, we started off good? Well, this is how we ended up.
Very funny IMO...
The trains we're packed and they were lucky to share a seat for part of the trip.

With Tiffany visiting, we have been go go go... so i have a few more things to share for sure.
Look for that! :)