Tuesday, June 29, 2010

That Night, White-Water Rafting & Going Home

After we Canyoned... we got all dressed and headed out on the little town.
There was not much to see or do, other than the river, and a small main street.
We were dropped off, and walked most of the way.
It was a beautiful riverside walk.
We ended up eating at a small, but new place... with no English. We had fun with it, and ended up eating REALLY well.

After the Dinner, we headed back to the lodge for a little 70~80's DISCO night.
Nope... not gonna post many pic's from that Crazy Night.

slideshow of that night ---> here<--- (8 pictures)

The next day we all woke up, hung over or not... and got ready for our White Water Rafting trip. Lets just say, it's a Hang-over cure!!! :) SOOOooo fun!
We ran the most beautiful part of the course, our guide told us.
She said... that "run" is usually only open for a few times a year... and we were lucky.
It was beyond words!!!

Slide show of WWRafting HERE<----

After WWRafting we got Cleaned up, Packed up and Headed back to the Train Station. Before we left Minakami for good, we stopped for a bite to eat.
It was a cute little outdoor place, So Quaint... So Delish!
We enjoyed a few more moments, and then started our journey home.
We took the Local JR all the way home.
It was Long, but worth it in the end.
For some reason, our tickets did not work correctly upon Exit at JR Zushi, and we were told to "dozo"... or "go ahead".... NO WAY!!!!
That was a Free (or close to it).. from Minakami ~ Zushi!!! about a 40$ Value! PER Person.
We were Blessed!!!

slideshow of the last few pictures from our trip ---> Here

I hope you enjoyed the slides show's and pictures about our trip to Canyon's.