Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yunessun Spa

Yesterday we went to a Spa in Hakone Japan, with our good friends who are about to move. :-(
We enjoyed our day together...
I cant wait to go back, as i felt like we just got started, when it was time to pack up and leave.

This is a Popular Spa Area, Hakone.
We visited a Very popular "themed" spa.
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I took some neat pic's, PLEASE ENJOY!!!


Gina said...

That spa looks amazing, I have never seen anything quite like it ever! I would LOVE to go there. Now you're making me wish to go there. Thanks so much for blogging this and taking such awesome pictures! If I ever do go there I'll let you know.

PS, that big giant bottle of wine and then the bath/pool. Looked so neat!