Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Zushi to Minakami

I am going to add a Few Post's to our 'Trip to Canyons'.
It would be a LONG slide show if i did it all at once.
Let me set the stage and say this was a Girls Weekend!! We had such a fun time, i cant wait to go again!!! We left EARLY Saturday morning and Returned LATE Sunday night. We took the Local JR lines and the Shinkansen... one way 6400Yen or about 64$. It was a 3~4 hour trip... SO worth it!!!
Canyon's Website is located HERE<--- if you wanna check it out for yourself.
We did the 1/2 day Canyoning and 1/2 day Rafting AND Stayed at thier "lodge"(VERY "homey and OLD Japanese style!) and one meal was included for 18,000Yen or 180$.
Both were SO FUN!!
The hardest part was getting on the wet suit (for any size, ~ as we saw a TINY Japanese lady having such a hard time as well...) LOL. We ALL Laughed together.
It was a GREAT multicultural experience! From American's to Japanese to New Zealnader's!
This slideshow includes some pictures like the Title Says... from home~to destination... more photo's to come, so stay tuned!
If you recieve this via e-mail, Click --->here<--- for the slideshow