Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

Through Photo's

As i drove to Yokosuka I spotted these Older Japanese Ladies...
My thoughts went RIGHT-Away to my childhood and Okinawa.
Oh how i miss Okinawa!

And, why was i driving to Yokosuka?
For a 'quick' stop in @ the Grocery store.
If this is a Quick Stop... I don't wanna know what a 'load' looks like!
UGH~! [its Memorial Weekend BBQ time!]

And, wouldn't i love a picture of Norfolk's McDonald's Lady-helpers right now, as a comparison!
The McDonald's Ladies of Japan are so Nicely Dressed and nice/friendly!
America, lets learn something!!!!!

And, we will close with....What was Olivia thinking when i told her 'we were going off -base for a quick errand, get something on'.........
She chooses THIS...
What can i say ... saying 'get dressed, we are going off base' is like a Licence to Dress Crazy~You'll fit RIGHT IN! LMAO!
(see her one piece 80's suit and winter fuzzy boots? lol!!!!!!!)