Friday, May 29, 2009

Night @ the Movies....

I mean, Night @ the Museum!!! [part 2]

Tonight we took the kids to see this Fun[ny] Movie!!
We left directly after school (3:15ish) and headed to the base.
The movie started @ 530, but we wanted tickets & good seats.
After acquiring the tickets, we went to Sbarro's Pizza for Dinner.
I think we have eat'n @ Sbarro's ONCE in 8 months. So, it was good. :)

As you can see, we had a friend of Olivia's come along. Her name is Willa and she lives Next Door. ;) She is also in Olivia's class @ school.

The lines and crowds of people for this movie, was... unbelievable! I told Ethan, wow............ they just keep on coming! I wont lie, there were kids sitting on the floor! No Joke! The photo below was taken 1 hour before show time... The people Lined up around the block... there was not an Empty seat in the house.
We had 4th row, Center seats... and i was thankful(Thanks Kath for coming along, and helping with the seat situation!!). After getting settled, we got in the long long long line for candy/drinks.

Do you see how CHEAP the Concessions are? A drink and candy is like 2.50$! After all that, everyone was happy... and we watched.

2 potty breaks later & one spilled medium popcorn and the movie was over. We all had a Great Time. I would Def. buy it! 4.5 stars. A Great Sequel!!! :)