Sunday, May 3, 2009

Freshness Burger Zushi Japan

After Olivia's poetry reading at school the kids and i went to Zushi (so i could pay my AU bill).
We decided to get a snack (my lunch) while we were out.
Freshness burger is just SO Good/Amazing.
We Loved Freshness Burger while living in Sasebo. There was a 2 floor Freshness Burger just off the Ginza, and we lived there! (before Olivia was born/when she was a baby too.)

We found Freshness Burger here in Zushi a month of so after we moved to the area.
I was So excited.
Now, It's not Cheap.
It's Good, but not a 'deal'.

Olivia chose a Strawberry Smoothie and a Choco Cupcake
Evan chose a Mango Smoothie and he shared O's Cupcake.
I had their Signature Burger, The Freshness Burger.
Water was Free.

We ate in the back 'yard' of the restaurant. If you walk through, ... go out the back door, and you will find 3 tables. There is also an Upstairs, for Smoking.

Mmmmm Smoothies!

The Cupcake, I love this photo! It should be in a Magazine! (With the Awesome Cupcake holder.)

Freshness Burger: Burger, Onions, BBQ sauce & Mayo and a Large Slice of Tomato!
Its so Simple and so Delish.
If you come and visit me, i will treat you to a Freshness Burger (Famiy & Friends of the USA)....
Bribe! LOL

Hungry Yet?

Try a Freshness Burger Today (Fellow Friends of Japan)