Wednesday, May 13, 2009

@--->Bubble's<--- @

So, I am trying really hard to take my mind off of my sister Diana and her new baby Hanna in America. I wish i could be there with here... help... hug... anything.

So, tonight i went and found my camera and decided to take a few shots while the kids were blowing bubbles out in the back yard.
I have not wanted to take ANY photo's for days, and that's very unlike me...

Well, i think the photo's turned out Really good.
Please enjoy these pictures!
Spring has Sprung in Japan!!

In this photo i was blowing the bubble... while trying to take a Up-close photo. :)
[i love the blue in the bubble!!!]

This is me again, trying photo's while taking pictures.

Evan, of course having a blast.
OMG---> Olivia, it's as big as your head!

Daddy having fun too!

Oh, thanks Olivia... Bubble in the Eye! haha!

Double Bubble
Olivia, enjoying her Bubbles .......

Thats a Big One Daddy!