Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hanna Joy!
My Sister Diana gave birth to a 9 pound 5 oz baby Girl earlier this week.
From what i have heard, she is just Adorable!
No pictures yet.
She was 21~22 inches long.
They did a ER C-Section, and Diana is doing well.
The baby although, ... is not doing so well.
She was transferred to a Children's Hospital the next day, with phenomena.
She was born with it?!?... i am pretty sure.
The is responding to treatment right now, but... It's Very Scary.
If you pray, would you say one for her tonight?
Thanks You!!!


Kitty said...

YaY! Hanna Joy is a beautiful name. I am so glad Diana is healing from the surgery. I have been praying for Hannah and Diana. I also recruited a friend from back home and her mom is praying as well. We won't stop until they are well. Love you! Wish them well for me! Welcome to the world Little Hannah!

Slime said...

Congratulations to the new auntie, and to your sister as well! Hope everything is going okay with little Hanna

Alisa said...

Thanks So Much Guys!!!!
Hanna is doing better. She is still in the NICU though, with a new found Heart issue.
Diana is ok. Meemaw is with her, as my Mom went home.
Just keep her in your thoughts and prayers. :)