Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day.....

.... To all my fellow Mommies!
Today was a Wonderful Mother's Day i have to say.

The only thing that made me sad was that i could not be with my baby sister Diana on her Very 1st Mother's Day. Please Keep praying for her & the Baby. She needs it!!!!!

Today I was just Spoiled!!! Plain ole' Spoiled!
Ethan did Cooking/Chores AND Laundry... all with a "I love you" attitude.
Which made it just so nice.
I was able to sleep in, was made a muffin breakfast!
Ethan and the kids made me a Bamboo Wind chime, and Olivia brought me home some cute School Gifts, :) Like Homemade Flowers.
We just hung out around the house, got Evan's Big Boy Bed set up and then grilled a Steak Dinner. It was Amazing!
My Dinner, Mmmmmmm!!!

Dessert??? Home made Ice cream!!
Vanilla w/ Butterscotch Chips.
Ethan made it while i was away last night, and had it Ready and Waiting for dessert tonight. WOW!

Well, we don't have a toddler anymore,... we have a Big Kid. Well, 2 big kids.
Evan has been ready for a big kid bed for some time.
Well, we finally 'did it'.
He is so happy and so are we.
Thank You Kath & Tim for the Wooden Frame. (They acquired the frame, and then they had no need.) So, we are so very grateful!!!!
We bought Evan a new mattress/sheets/bed set... pillows... the whole 9 yards.

It's Sad for me... as Today, 5 yrs ago... i found out i was pregnant with Evan.
He has Grown so big, it what seams to be a short amount of time.

So, while i was @ the Home Store, ... you know i could not resist and i bought Olivia a comforter and sheet set as well. I just happened to find a 'Record Pillow' and i Loved it... so of course, that's the black circle on her bed. :)
And, Here are my 2 reason's... to Celebrate this Day.....
2 Beautiful Reasons i might add! :)

Happy Mother's Day Fellow Mommies!


SabrinaT said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY~!! WOW, your kids rooms look great. Mine look like a tornado just passed through.

Alisa said...

Hey Sabrina!
Sorry i missed your Multiple Calls' :(
It's been a MAD house around here.

Happy Mother's Day back @ ya! (late)....

And, you have EVERY right for your kids' rooms to look Any way... lol YOUR MOVING!

I will give u a call today sometime, promise!
We need to meet @ the park or something this week!
My Car has been on the 'fritz..'.... so we may train it.