Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's not looking good!

The dryer guys are here... ACK! I have a bad taste in my mouth... Please oh Please let it be Fixable! (Gosh, i can not believe this... a 4 yr old dryer.)

Update: Yes, its fixable...:) But, it's going to cost us. Total? Maybe 150~200$. But, thats nothing in comparison to the cost of a new just like it. :)
It's not fixed yet, ... tomorrow. They had to go and get the parts. :)
It was Electrical. I did nothing 'wrong' ~few~ ;)

~big sigh!~

A New day tomorrow w/ a doctors appointment for Evan. It's a Well Child Visit. He also need to get his shots updated. (We are Delayed Vax People).

This week is turning out to be more interesting than i thought... ;)