Sunday, March 30, 2008

Duty...Duty SUX!!

Duty! Gosh, I am really starting to HATE Dutys! (never really liked them anyways)
What is a Duty? (for all ya Non Military Peeps)...
Duty is when Daddy goes to The Ship to work for a 24~36 hour 'work-day'. Today is Sunday, and Daddy left this morning @ 6:30 am to be at The Ship by 7 am. He will be "at Work" All Day today, and His Entire Work day Tomorrow (Monday). We will see him tomorrow for dinner.
This Really Sux!
[I have to add that if he was not gone for 6 full months every 12~18 months, with little week~month "in's an out's" in between.......... "dutys" would not be that bad. As many of you know, He just got back 2 months ago from a 6 month'r, and i am just needing him around! With 'Shore Duty' just about 5 months away it's Hard for me to get through these little things. 5 years of Sea Duty is what REALLY Sux...and thats what we are in the middle of right now. ~SIGH~ *Vent Over*]