Friday, March 28, 2008

Virginia Zoo [Norfolk, VA] Spring Break Visit...

Here are some pic’s from the Zoo today. The picture of the Elephant,... look closely! He is Painting! How Neat-O!

I wanted to make sure and go on Spring break. Also wanted to get one more visit because our Membership ends Tomorrow.

Well,... Wrong idea to go on Spring Break!!! Everyone and their Brother was thinking the Same Exact thing, Along with ALL the Childcare Centers and “Afterschool Care” places! WOW… it was packed!! I am so glad we went last month, much more relaxing for the kids and I.

We did have Quite a bit of fun, Mostly because we had a Playdate with another family who lives in our Housing Area. The Children go to Olivia’s School, and So… Olivia was excited to say the Very least!

Enjoy the pic’s!


Unsinkable said...

I love the pictures. Only problem is with the blog thing, I can't put them on my computer to print or share. Waa, waa!

Meghan Millwood said...

Hi Alisa,

Great blog! I love seeing pics of the kids & hearing about what's going on with you. I hope you move somewhere close by (although I doubt you would move to Knoxville, TN) - but maybe you'll move to J'ville so I can see you when I visit my parents.

Miss ya,