Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back-Yard Fun

A Mid-Week Picnic in the back yard is always fun! With Olivia out of school for the week, its been nice to do some diffrent things. You know... School, Homework, Dinner & Bed-time can be so Boring! A Lunch time picnic and some coloring in the back yard are always fun!
I can not wait until Summer Vacation!!! Spring Break is SUCH a Tease!


Gina said...

Boy are you right...School, Homework, Dinner & Bed-time can be so Boring, even I think so! I think B will agree with that too, ha ha. : ) I loved that the kids had a mid-week picnic! Oh man, I can't wait until summer vacation either. : )

PS, I love that one of you fav movies is the Wedding Singer! : )