Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning!

Here are a few pictures from Easter Morning. Olivia was Excited about her new DVD to say the Very Least! Evan could care less, ... he is All About Candy!!
I have to add that i just LOVE the Peeps inside Chocolate Egg. Its just the Most Adorable 'goodie' invented! (I am a HUGE PEEP Fan!)... Did i Mention that Easter Candy is the BEST???
[This Yr #2 ... the 2nd yr NOT going overboard. (If you knew us in the past, we used to go overboard on EVERY holiday...We woke up about 2 yrs ago, and decided to STOP Spoiling the kids... and go the Minimalist Route.) :) Pat's on the back... We are LOVING this way of life MUCH better... it actually makes Holidays, and every day more fun!]


Gina said...

I noticed that Peep in the chocolate egg right off. That is dead cute! Cute, cute, cute! : )