Saturday, January 3, 2009

Enoshima Island [Fujisawa, Japan]

Pictures and Slide-Show Below... ----> And in the Slideshow toward the end, I make an apperiance! (Gasp!---Ethan made me... haha)

Today we ventured out into the Beautiful Country we live in ... to try and get a view of Mt. Fuji or Fuji-san as it is called in Japan.

It's a Cold, Clear Winter day, and that's the best kind of day to spot Fuji from this area.
Well, i should not say cold... as it was not cold when we left. But, while we are out as the sun went down, we started to freeze.
Lesson Learned,... Wear Layers, and wear your big coat!
We left a bit late... but we still had plenty of time, and actually... [by accident] catch Mt Fuji during the Sunset.
WOW! ;)
I am so glad we live in this area of Japan. I Loved Sasebo and Okinawa...
This area just add's so much more to My Personal Japan Experience, and our Experience as a family.

We took the Train from Jummuji Station to Shin-Zushi Station. We got off and walked a block or so to the JR line Zushi Station.
We boarded a Train heading to Kamakura. One Stop.
We got off and switched lines to the ENODEN LINE. Enoden is like a site-seeing train line.
It has Many Stops that are rich in Japan's History, and just plain ole' fun things to explore.
We stayed on the Enoden Line until to reached the Enoshima Station. We Exited and
walked about 5~10 minutes until we reached the bridge.
There are 2 bridges... one for Cars and one for People. It's Free to cross.

A photo on the bridge....

Once you cross there are many Shops and Food Places.
We followed the crowd up to the shrine. We took in the sites and took a bunch of photos.
We went to the Ticket Counter and bought 3 tickets [because Evan is free] for the Escalator + Garden & Observation Tower.
We took the Electric Stairs up to the high point... took more pictures and entered the Garden.
It's Small, but very nice! There is a Beautiful overlook and Restaurant.
We are from South Florida, so... seeing Miami Beach Area in Japan... was Very Neat-o! [see photo's in slide show]
We went from the Garden to the line. There was about a 30 minute wait to get into the Observation Tower.
We boarded the Elevator. It takes you to a indoor observatory.
It's just beyond words!

Then,... if you are brave... you can go up one more level... on foot.
It's outside, and personally? I am not a fan of height's. I went... but it was not enjoyable.
So, we went back down, and we got some REALLY nice pictures of Fuji-san.

After we Froze our butt's off in the line, and on the Tower we headed back down the hill and into the town.
We hit up almost EVERY Food stall, trying new foods... and just getting warm w/ all the hot food!
MMMMMMmmmmmm food stalls are a Very enjoyable part of Japan for us.
We are food lovers and the kids?? Very Adventurous!
We ate some "sazae" (turban shell). It's like a Shell fish or Sea Snail?
We have had it BBQ'd in the shell... but this time we tried it Yakatori Style.
We also ate some Chicken Yakatori, some Puffed Ball's filled w/ a Cheese & an Unidentified patty. It was Warm and good. It was Not Meat... i think it was Veggie Based.
We also tried Grilled Rice Triangles. I just have loved these for YEARS.... and they were Awesome!
And... on the way home we ate a Pork Steamed bun.
Remember... we were there most of the day/night... and we did not stop to eat.
So, snacking on these food stall's here and there... it was very nice.

Olivia bought a Penguin Stuffed Animal Key Chain...
and Evan wanted a Vending Machine Train, haha.
I also got both kids a Shonan Pin. I bought 2 ... they were 100 Yen (1$) each but they can pin it on 'whatever' and kind of 'collect them' at all the places we go around Japan.
Shōnan (湘南) is the name of a resort-oriented region along the coast of Sagami Bay in central Japan. Centered on Enoshima, an island about 50 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, the Shonan region stretches from Oiso (大磯) in the west to Hayama (葉山) in the east, including Kamakura (鎌倉) and Hiratsuka (平塚). The region benefits from a mild climate and long beaches covered with dark volcanic sand.

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