Saturday, January 31, 2009


So, we have been kind-of quiet lately.
I know over the past 4 months (yes... it's been that long) we have been exploring and just getting out and about.
I feel like this month, after Enoshima... we have just been super home bound.
We have had a few dinners out and of course the fruit and veggie shopping, but that's about it.
This weekend i was thinking, Finally ~ we will get out and do some exploring... but it rained yesterday and today. We still have tomorrow, but i doubt we will be going anywhere, as the week ahead looms.

On Wednesday i did head out to 7-11 just outside of Jimmuji Gate and grab a few things.

This picture is where we leave Ikego Base Area and cross into Jimmuji Train Station. If i was just riding the train i would scan my Suica Card, but because i am just passing through i have to buy a Ticket. I have to scan or add my ticket to the wicket (far left side) before i enter.

Here is a "Route Map" they have posted. I just thought for you Family and Friends who have never been to Japan... this is pretty Intimidating! (for even me!) One thing is true... Trains in Japan? Easy!!!! No Worries! ;)

(Yes, we do have 7-11 here in Japan. It doesn't have Big Gulps and Hot Dogs... just Japanese Snacks/Drinks and Manga. ;) haha)

I had the 'day off', as the kids were in school. I just went to 7-11 and bought a bag full of things to try & vegged w/ my Wiimote and had a nice relaxing afternoon chatting w/ Kitty on Wii Speak and playing Animal Crossing... just plain 'ole chill'n!

Here's a few photos from my 7-11 visit.
7-11 is just outside our pedestrian gate, just a 2 minute walk. The catch? We have to walk through the Train Station. The Train Station charges a fee for passing through. It is 130Y ($1.30) each way. So, when i passed through i payed $2.60 'round trip' just for the convenience of not having to walk out the main gate and take a 30 minute walk down to the 7-11.

This pic is the 1st thing i had to have a picture of ...
This Parm Cheese is the size of an American Slice of Cheese. So SMALL!
It's also pretty pricey, even for Japanese Standards, IMO. With the Yen Rate what it is right now... It's close to $3.00!!! WOW!

Sushi Sandwiches!! LOL ;) They have EVERYTHING in Japan!

One thing i have decided i DONT like (Gasp!). After seeing this "bread" on Katie's Blog a few months ago... i thought, WOW... i think i wanna try that. Well, i did and DONT like it... and i like Everything. haha It's bread, mayo and corn... w/ a tiny bit of cheese. EW!

I took a look in the Freezer Area and found something from my past. While living in Sasebo i bought these Mikan Sherbet. Mmmmmm They are delish, and come in a 'keepsake' container! And, they were 188Y ($1.88) WOW! ;)

If you remember in my Sushi-go-Round post... i tried these Fried Potato's w/ Honey & SSeeds. Well, i found them in Kit Kat Flavor! NO JOKE! ;)
They taste Just like the Potato... but with a Kit Kat Texture! Talk about Weird Goodness!

Oh, and Night Club Pringles... I had to buy them!! haha
They are Black Pepper Pringles, i think... and were good. I just loved the name. :)

On another note...---->

Olivia got her report card on Thursday and all is well. She is doing great... and her teacher said..."One could only wish for a classroom full of Olivia's...".[or something similar] ;)
So sweet of her to say that.
Olivia is working well all around but especially Math. Math is her Strongest point, and that's No Shocker! ;) (as Ethan is a Math wiz)
Also... she has already surpassed 1st grade requirements for reading. I am super glad about that considering that we moved during 1st grade & I was worried that we would have a delay problem because of the whole move.

That's it from here.
Please Look Forward to a Blog about Ethan's SUMO Trip. Last week i bought Ethan a trip ALONE to a Grand Sumo Tournament!! :) He is excited to go... and i am excited for him (and for the alone time). I am also thinking this gives me a "Alone Trip" in the bag for the future! YEA! ;)
Ok! see ya!......................