Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I AM ... a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend and a home-maker.

I WANT... snow!

I HAVE... Mt. Washmore! (laundry!)

I WISH I COULD ... let go of my fear of getting lost.

I HATE ... Takoyaki

I THINK... i am a good mother and wife.

I FEAR ... loosing my children and husband to something out of my control.

I HEAR ... Evan playing and Olivia flipping through books.

I SEARCH ... for interesting, healthful, fun meals to prepare.

I DON'T THINK ... keeping people in your life that take up a ton of energy is 'worth it'. (at least that's what my new years fortune said~! haha)

I REGRET ... waisting my time and energy for the past 5 years. All i wanted was to move back to Japan, and i was not enjoying the precious time i had in VA with my Toddler and Baby. Those days (years) are gone, and no way to get them back. I now see clearly... i love Japan but wanting and wishing that time away was a bad choice. Lesson Learned!

I LOVE ... My Family and Friends, they mean the world to me.

I ACHE FOR ... My Mom & Meemaw

I ALWAYS CRY ... when i look through pictures of my babies

I AM NOT ... doing housework like i should be :).


I NEVER ... go to bed without checking on both kids(breathing) and re-tucking them in.

I RARELY ... wake up an NOT have coffee.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH ... my children play nicely and being Very loving to each other. I love that they have each other, and that they have a very close relationship.

I AM NOT ALWAYS ... the best wife, mother, daughter and friend.

I HATE THAT ... the house gets so messy so quickly.

I'M CONFUSED ABOUT ... lots of things.

I NEED ... more confidence.

I SHOULD ... spend more time PLAYING with my Children.

Your Turn!!!