Sunday, January 25, 2009


So, about 10 days ago while Evan was at school (Olivia too) I went to a Sushi-Go-Round.
My neighbor asked if i wanted to go, and of course i said YES.
I just love experiencing Japanese Food.
So, she drove, and we headed toward Uraga.
We took 16 south until it turned into 230 i think ... i don't know. HaHa... but i do know we followed the signs for Uraga. We JUST passed Uraga Station (Keiku line) and the Sushi place was up on the right. It was on the 2nd floor of a building.
This Sushi place had a lot of 100Yen sushi. It also had Sushi and Salads and such that were more than 100Yen (1$) .
It was fun, and Delicious!

When we got to the parking area they have Paid Parking. But, it's all Automated. You pick the # spot you want... pull in and park.
Then go eat.

This sign is just letting you know about their time and rate and how it works. Also there is a Phone Number... and emergency phone box.

When we were done eating we paid. The cashier gave us a ticket for parking.
We walked up to the machine and we entered our # and entered the card and it said 0Yen due.
Because we ate at Sushi we got Free Parking.
:) We had a certain amount of time to move the car before the timer popped up again.

This particular place had a "how to" in English!
I mean... I am having it Easy in Yokosuka. I was not as lucky at most places in Sasebo.
We would always just go in the place... smile and point. haha! It was always a Nice Surprise!
Almost every place we have been to in this are has English Menu's.

This is a Hot Water Dispenser at the table! Yup... just for Green Tea.
Thats my friend making me a cup! :) Such a Sweetie!

They offer the powdered type here, and at most places.
I enjoy green tea all ways... All the time.

At a Sushi go Round,....... the sushi goes around the restaurant. All you have to do is grab what you want. That's it... Easy! You eat until your done, and they count the plates.
The color of the plate tells how much $ money.
Drinks and Desserts go around the belt too!

This was my Favorite!!! It is Rice and Shrimp and Avocado and Onion and Mayo. Now, i am NOT a big Mayo fan... but it was good. 2 pieces for 100Y or 1$.

No... i did not eat this...
You would NEVER see Squid like this in America... haha! ;) !
I do like squid on my sushi... w/ wasabi and it has to be a piece of squid... not the whole squid!

My kids would be in heaven w/ Peel and Eat! :) and i would be too at 1$ per bowl! ;)

This is a Fried Japanese Potato... dipped in Honey and it was Soooooooooo Good!

YUP... 100Y and these were not small and sooooo good!

Here comes Dessert!
Choco Ice cream sitting on Frozen Banana's.
Also under the ice cream were Frosted Flakes and a Jello like substance.
All together with choco syrup and whipped cream LOL
What a Combo... but it was So Good for 250 ish Yen... or $2.50.

I was MORE than stuffed and it cost me under 1,000 Y (10$)

YES, i am a Food Lover... and a lot that i love about Japan is the Food. :) This should be called Our Crazy Navy Life & A's Love of! haha

Oh, here is how they lock your car until you pay the fee for parking.
Dont you think this is a GREAT idea? America should catch on!