Sunday, January 25, 2009

Date Night [January]

Last night was our Date Night we have once a month.
We did not plan anything, as we had a busy day ... so we just dropped the kids off... and headed out.
Last Month when we went on our date we saw this Very Busy, and Smelling good Yakiniku. We did not feel like waiting, so we moved onto a Yakitori place.
Last night we waited and Enjoyed a Wonderful Yakiniku Dinner. Mmmmm!!
Here are some photos for your enjoyment.
To reach this Yakiniku from Ikego.
~take the keiku line from jimmuji to kanazawa-hakkei.
~exit station
~walk strait until you reach 16. (about 2~5 minutes)
~take a left on 16 and walk about 10~15 minutes. (passing Daiei)
~ you will see Denny's... and upstairs from Denny's is this Yakiniku place.
There was Table style and Tatami style seating.
We waited a good 3o minutes. We were also there at Rush Hour on a Saturday night.
It was DELISH!

We ordered a Special 3 set and Standard 4 set (meat's) and 2 nice sized plates of Veggies and 2 medium rice bowl's and1 GIANT beer and a Small Cola and a Kimchi Sampler for me (i love Kimchi!). All this came to about 60$ (6,000yen).

Enjoy the pictures!

Before we headed to Yakiniku we took a detour. We took them train to Kanazawa-Hakkei and got off. We hopped on the Seaside line and rode it 4 stops to the Seaside Paradise Exit. After getting off we took a foot bridge to the Seaside Spa and 'checked it out'. We will be going back, with Tattoo Covers. The manager knows we have tattoo's... but as long as we cover them, he says no problem! ;)
After that detour we headed back and had dinner.

This is the entrance to the Sea Side Line (Train). This Train line also takes Passmo or Suica cards. ;)

We got off at Hakkeijima.

As soon as we got off we were RIGHT at the Seaside Paradise Amusement Park. WOW! It's so close to our house! :)

This is the foot bridge we walked over to get to the spa. It's a big bridge! ;)Ethan is a goof!

We made it!

It even had a place to LOCK your umbrella outside! This tells you we live in a Rainy Area! ;) LOL

After we were done we headed to dinner.
This place offers a English Menu... w/ no photos. But, at every table there is a TV E-Menu. So, we flipped through that to see what looked good.

Our 1st plate of meat and my Kimchi. MMMMMMmmmm

Ethan w/ the sauces to dip the meat. mmmmmmmmm

Look at his HUGE 700 yen beer!!! As my friend Anne pointed out... look how big it is in comparison to the rice... and that's a GOOD size rice! LOL ;) haha!!!(yes, Ethan is a goof... w/ the pinkie finger. He is always joking!)

Our Table Grill.

If you can eat Corn on the cob w/ chopsticks... you've got talent!

Cooking the 2nd plate of Veg's and Meat's. I did not care for the bacon looking stuff. (who knows what it actually was... as we don't read Japanese! haha! All the rest was Delish though!)

When we paid ... we both got a free candy and ticket. We have to scratch it off and see what we 'won' for next time. ;)

And this is our ticket. (for those of you NOT in Japan... How interesting, right?) All in Japanese... you just get used to it. and i can actually figure out what we paid for... just to make sure we were not overcharged.... which NEVER happens here! ;) FYI!

That's about 60 US dollars depending on the yen rate. Right now... it's probably about 65~70 dollars for that meal.
Aunt Jackie... Getting hungry? LOL!