Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a Ramble...

This is just a ramble of sorts.
Nothing super important in this post for sure. :)

Well, we are all back to school and work. Olivia is getting settled into the routine again. For Christmas she received an Alarm Clock, and it has worked Wonders for her (and I). She gets up with no "get outta bed, now!"... and Evan even responds to the alarm. :)

(On the Moving Stairs ar Moore's City, Yokosuka Japan)

Evan has also been enjoying school. He is now attending Pre-School 3 days a week for 6 hours a day. His Awesome Pre-School Teacher from Main Base transfered to his class during Winter Break, and we could not be happier! :) She is wonderful and just adores Evan to pieces.

(Evan is my cooker/helper... and this is his normal spot... except his feet are usually off the counter, haha)

Ethan is back to work as well. I guess i should have been expecting it and all... haha... but i am missing him! It is just wonderful when he is home. We are now back to the 6:30 am~5 pm days. That kinda work schedule Sucks! And... the days are about to get earlier... becase we have 12 weeks till the PRT test, and he will be at the gym in the mornings.
We are thinking to do the PRT Training together. It will be nice to get in some exercise... it will help with the stress level at times for sure. :)
I have to be happy with his duty, its about 1~2 times a year... and we just got his 1st duty... Mid-Spring! (6 of one and 1/2 dozen of another...)

We went out on Sunday with our Pal Mel (from Sasebo tour 2000~2003).

He was getting ready to go home to visit his family ... and we got a bite to eat and some shopping done.
We went to a Yakiniku place in Moore's City. We had a nice lunch and visit... it was REALLY good quaity meat... and very quaint. We sat booth style, but i prefer this style --->

After lunch we went to 100 yen shop for some things. The kids love 100 y shop... (what kid does not?) and they had some Christmas / Birthday $ that was sent JUST for 100 Yen shop (thanks Meemaw!) and they got to have a ball picking out a few things. Here's what they bought... their choice...

and i limited this shopping trip to 5 things (so they have a few more trips at 100 yen left. :))

Evan blew off some steam after lunch on the roof of Moore's City.

After 100 yen and lunch we headed back to base and the kids got to jump and play on the Free Jeep Jumper House. Jeep has this set up near the NEX quite a bit... and this is the 1st time we let them go. While they jumped we enjoyed our Tall Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha! Mmmmmmmmmmm

Here are a Few pic's from the week... just random of Olivia and Evan--->

Here is a picture of Evan playing with his New Bat Man Shave Kit.... THANKS KELLEY & ROY! He loves it... and has a TON of FUN as you can see.

Here is a picture of Olivia wearing a dress MY MOM made me when we lived in Okinawa Japan 20 years ago! I just LOVE this dress... and its still in PERFECT condition! She made this dress with All Japanese Fabric's ... and it shows!(Quality)

The past 2 weeks have been lazy, but also filled with a few events.
Evan turned 4... yup, he is officially a big boy! We went bowling, and ... had a ton of fun... see Blog Below.
We had a Wedding Anniversary! Yup, it's been 11 Whole Years! Gosh... with turning 30... and being married MORE than 10 years, Wow... i feel old. (haha). We spent our anniversary at home, just playing some cards and hanging out. No Big Deal.
Then, Ethan turned 32~! Happy Birthday Hun! :) For the big '3 2' i bought him a New 46 inch Flat Panel TV! :)

I really like the Computer on TV Feature! haha!

Wow... He was just Blown Away with Surprise! What Man would not LOVE a New TV! :) (I also included a new Cabinet for "US" for "HIS" Birthday!)

This week we don't have a lot planned. Friday Ethan has a CPO Event at work... and I will be home with the kids enjoying a night to ourselves... hmmmm... wonder what i will plan. ?????
Then Saturday Olivia was invited to a Really Neat sounding birthday party. It's themed and heldat one of the club's on base. She has the opportunity to "dress to impress" and... just have a fun time. AND...The Chariot will pick her up at our house!
During her party Ethan, Evan and I will do something fun i think.
Sunday will hopefully be a relax day, getting ready for the next week.

I have been trying to make new things ... and get into cooking a bit more.
Also trying to keep up w/ Laundry of 2 crazy kids... and ... just general house stuff.
(it really can be a 'job'......)

Ok, that's it from here!


jessica said...

I was so excited to see the snack with the picture of the boy and pink monster! That is a treat featured on an adult cartoon: Shin Chan. I love that show and totally cannot wait to get my hands on one!