Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Evan Turn's '4'

So, Evan turned 4. (Jan 5th)

He was born in VA at 11 pm at night. He was 8 pounds,... and 21 inches, just like sissy. He was born with Black Fuzzy Hair... and no Chin! ;) hahahahaha
He lost all his hair and got that 'chin' soon after coming home.

Evan was a good baby, and slept in a cradle (my old cradle) besides my bed for 8 months. Yes, i said 8 months! (not 8 weeks) The cradle i had is old... and bigger than most... but still... Mommy should have put him in a bed before 8 months!
He also liked to be Fully Swaddled. So, he was also Swaddled until 8 months.
(He mostly slept in my room like this because... Daddy was gone his entire babyhood... in the middle east... and i just wanted Evan close. When Daddy returned, he went into his bed... no problem. Never any problem w/ that.)

He is Mommy's Big Sweetie! This is True... and a bit more spoiled that Olivia was. (gasp!)
He is still 'my baby'... but he is growing up before my eyes.
For his Birthday we decided to take him bowling. He has never been... and has asked to go (i don't know where he saw/heard about it) for a few months.

So, we decided that on his Birthday we would surprise him with a Bowling night out.
We got Olivia from School at 230 pm. We headed right for the Train Station! As part of his 'party' we took the Train into the Base. Evan Loves the Train... so this was exciting for him.

We got to the base, and got a Taxi for the Bowling Alley (he loves Taxi's too!)
We entered the building, and he was SO Happy... and SHOCKED that we were going to Bowl! :)

So, we got a lane and shoes (yuck!) and ... started to have a blast! He is so big... and did GREAT!

We ordered a few drinks and 2 baskets of munchies. We were going to have Dinner too... but we were to stuffed from the munchies! :)
We ate/drank and had a FULL ON BLAST Bowling. :) I think we may have found our Family's Fun Thing! :)

Even Olivia had a blast.

We played 2 games, and ... headed out. (those games lasted a WHILE).

On our way back walking to the train station we stopped inside Daiei Mall and let Evan pick Ice Cream or Cake. (if it was Cake, we were going to buy a NICE Japanese Cake and bring it home, and... do the whole candles thing)... but he chose Ice cream. So, we took him into the Mall... and he got to choose ANY PLACE for ice cream. He chose a Gelato place ... and got Cantaloupe Gelato!

He has had it before, and it's BEYOND Good... Its like eating Fresh Cantaloupe...

...Olivia got the same thing, and ... Ethan and I got Crepe's.

We went to the water and sang... and ate our Ice cream.

We took the train home, and Evan got a Front Seat ride on the train! :) It was 'the best ever' he said! :)

He received a Playdoh toy and a Micro-Lego Pirate Ship. (that Mommy had to put together! omg... those are not easy! hahaha!)

We are all STILL dealing with a Chest Cold, and it's NOT fun. :( It sux actually. But, i guess it's going around ... all over this base ... i don't know what to do other than be a hermit. But, that's not going to happen.