Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Okonomiyaki @ Daiei Mall

Yesterday Kath and I went to Daiei Mall for lunch.
Today she started working... :(
So... i wanted to take her to lunch and visit a bit.
We won't have a ton of time to just hang now that she is working. :(
I am happy for her though, and sometimes i wish i had a job... SOMETIMES! LOL
Of course i forgot to take pictures! Boo!
I still feel like i need to say a little something about Okonomiyaki.
Its Amazing, I have lived in Japan for years and years, and Never cooked my own Okonomiyaki... i may have eat'n it though... and never really known it.
It can come in quite a few forms!

Here is the link to What is Okonomiyaki?

Here is a Video. Someone making Okonomiyaki.
(not me, of course)

I ordered a Hamburg version and Kath ordered a Shrimp and Avocado version.
Mine was the batter and cabbage and a mixture of other garnishes... but mostly cabbage. 1/2 of the batter was poured out and then the hamburger patty was placed in the middle w/ a lot for cheese... then the other 1/2 was poured on top. We covered them (with a pot lid type of thing) and timed it for 4 minutes. Turn! Then 4 more minutes.
After? Top w/ Sauce and Mayo.
I dint like Mayo generally... so i left it off.
I liked it... I tried Kath's... and ate something that did not agree with me... so it was over for me then! I could not eat anything else... we left.
(i was feeling 'sick')
Anyways... Kath loved her's... and mine... and we will go back again, For sure!

When we were done we went to Doutor and had a beautiful cup of coffee. She had a Macha Tea Latte and i had a Cafe Latte Mmmmmm!!!
It was a perfect finish... especially because i was not even done with 'lunch' because of the yucky bite of Shrimp Avocado Okonomiyaki... haha!
A good cup of Coffee can cure ANYthing! ;)