Friday, February 27, 2009


So, lets see...
I have been pretty sick. Sick meaning Allergies! With Itchy Eyes, Itchy Nose, Sneezing, Headaches and so on... i am thinking it's Allergies. It's been raining for a few days now, so things have settled down a bit. Doctor visit in order-->yes! Med's are needed!

Here is the Update of Sorts.

Over the weekend we bought Olivia a new bedset. Sleigh Bed w/ Nightstand and Dresser w/ Mirror. We picked it up w/ help from a friend aver the past few days, piece by piece. It's just adorable, and Olivia loves it. ------->
We also have a *New Dishwasher*!!! Ours has been kicking the bucket for a while now, and they Finally delivered the New one! I am in HEAVEN! ;) I love it when the dishes are Actually Clean. It's an amazing thing. It's Sparkly and has lots of cool buttons (features).

Earlier this week I met Ethan for lunch @ Chili's. It was fun and relaxing, and something he wanted to make sure we do once a week. Evan was @ School and it was a nice adult time... although a bit rushed. :( It was Olivia's early day at school.

This week has been busy, and no time for pictures or adventures. But, no worries... Tomorrow is our Date Night in Chinatown! :) I will take the camera, and let you all know how it went.

As for Today?
Its a COLD Rainy Day w/ chance of snow! :) I doubt we will see snow, but it's fun to think about it.
Today Evan and I went to base and he got weighed and measured.
I was not expecting the news I received.
He is 43.5 inches tall and 42 pounds! He is getting so big!
The News?
He is in the 100%... haha. Yup the lady double checked and said YUP... He is the 'tallest' for his age group. And, in Weight? Heaviest too! (Well 98% or something like that for weight.)
BUT in HEIGHT vs WEIGHT he is 50% on the nose, haha.
So, he is PERFECTLY healthy and such, but SUPER tall for his age.
This is not a total shock as Daddy is 6 foot 4 ish ... but i did not expect him to be in the 100% range. haha

So, that's it from here.
It's going to be a relaxing evening in... and a busy Saturday. But, Sunday will be nice... This weekend is going to fly by!