Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Day Out...

I have said this 100 times before... this blog should be named "Eating My Way Through Japan". haha!!
We love to explore Japan through food, Period! This goes for the entire family!

Yesterday was Evan's last day @ Pre-school. We are taking a vacation of sorts mostly because of New-Student-Influx. (Evan's Not Full time, so... spots can be hard to come by...)

So, i had the day to myself, and Kath suggested that i meet her in Yokosuka for shopping and lunch. I thought... YEA!!!!
So i called a *new friend* Steph and had her come along.
We took the Train to Moore's City and were a bit early. Nothing in Japan opens before 10 am. (for Shopping)
So, Steph and I decided to hit a coffee shop for some breakfast because we were early. (9:40 am).
I have really wanted to have coffee @ Bagel & Bagel for 4 months now. I just always choose Mr. Donut instead. With no kids i opted for something new! :)
I am very glad i did, because not only was it super delish and relaxing... it was Kid Friendly!! Needless to say we will be going back with the kids sometime soon.

I ordered a Cafe Latte (as always) and Steph ordered a Hot Chocolate.
We shared a Cheese Bagel w/Plain Cream-cheese.

You just choose the bagel, cream-cheese and any other goodies from the middle selection area.

It was perfect for a lite breakfast, and as always (in Japan) the coffee was Beyond amazing.

This place was open, airy and just a plain relaxing place to be!

They had a place to wash your hands... like most places in Japan... right in the open.

After you are done, (as with all other coffee places)... there is a 'Tray Return'.

After our coffee we met Kath at the 100 yen shop. I wanted to browse and do a bit of shopping. I ended up getting many things for me (in the kitchen) and i made a box for Kitty. :)
Everything in 100Y is 1$. I thought these mini dishes were so cute, and for 1$ a STEAL!

After shopping for at least a hour... maybe more... we went walking on Blue Street. It was nice to hang out with Adults and just enjoy a cold winter day outdoors.
After talking about where we wanted Lunch... and trying to choose something that would appeal to all of us (as Steph is pregnant... and has some food aversions) (Kath and I are "anything goes gals")...... we choose a quaint Chinese place in Mikasa Mall. It was small... but good.

I don't think i could ever express the feeling you get when your sitting in a 'hole in the wall' restaurant in a suburb of Tokyo...its just dream like. Sometimes i cant believe it myself. The people are amazing, the food is amazing and .......... life is just amazing sometimes. For me, a lot of my memories go hand in hand with food. For YOU... it might be different ... but for me it's food.
(like for my Mom? Baked Spam w/ honey glaze Meemaw? Ham Pot-pie Mrs. Christine? Mexican! Ethan's Mom? Cinci Chili My Dad & Molly? a SUPER AWESOME Breakfast........ all those memories bring so much more than 'food' to mind. It's just emotional. So, anyways,... when i look back on these times, i will remember the great food & the great friends.

Ok, so we sat down to eat. They had a Lunch Menu. The choice was A,B or C.

I choose set C. It was a medium sized bowl of Ramon w/ pork, a Flan type dessert and 2 pieces of Gyoza (pot stickers).

Kath ordered Set B, and her Pork was JUST DEVINE!
Steph got something small and simple... (her tummy hurt...) no set for her.

We all enjoyed some hot tea... and a FAB lunch!
The gyoza was just the best i have EVER had (and i make some Awesome Gyoza at home).
For my lunch it was 924Y which is about $9.50 and it was a DEAL! :)

After lunch we walked around a bit. I stopped into my FAV Bakery 'Vie De France' and picked up some desserts for the family (for after dinner). I met 2 CUTE at heck Japanese gal's. I just had to have their picture...........

(this is what i bought...---->)

After our shopping and eating... Steph & i stumbled on this...

It was in Mikasa Mall, through a door way...weird i never noticed ot before!
I am thinking shrine/temple of sorts. Those stairs?? I'll climb them another day!!!

I went home stuffed and relaxed. It was a Awesome day!
Please enjoy the photo's! :)