Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~Let's do Lunch~

I woke up the morning not realizing that Evan had a spot @ school! :) It was a nice surprise and i took advantage of it! We got ready Fast, and headed out. After i dropped Evan off, i headed to Yokosuka.
This Photo was taken on the Walk-Over to the Mall, near Shioiri Station.

That building makes me think... WOW... i do live in a city! :)

I have to add that i have taken the trains a ton of times... and mostly with friends or Evan. Only once by myself. That was a few months ago, and i was really watching the stops and making sure i did not get lost at the time.
This time? I was relaxed... and enjoyed the ride.
As i sat on the train for quite a few stops i looked out the window and people watched. It was very enjoyable.
I think today, i Really loved the ride.
As i look around, i already think about the next 36 months and... i know i will have to leave this wonderful place Again, and how sad i will be ... once again.
I try hard to soak it all in. Although, i know it's impossible.
When we lived in Sasebo i remember thinking, No Worries... we will be back. I don't know why i felt so confident in that... but it was a long 5 years, and yes we are back. But....
This time i realize this may be our last tour here.
10 years of my life spent in Japan... i want to Soak Everything In... Experience all Japan has to offer...... this is my last chance.
I will be surprised and thankful if we ever get to do this again....
Ok! Enough Sappy Feelings~ haha~......

About 40 minutes on 2 trains, and i made it to Yokosuka with no problems! :)
I did a little shopping in the Daiei Mall.

This is for my friend Kitty. She loves those Cat's.

After my Kids Dept (under-garmet shopping) & 100 Yen detour i met Ej for lunch. We walked a bit, and chatted, it was Very nice to have Adult convo w/ my hubby.
We chose to eat @ Big Boy's, located on the 3rd floor of the mall.

Ethan's set, ... I call it the Napkin Set because it came with the Napkin Tent... because it was SO hot it was Splattering Everywhere!

My set,... again Way 2 much food... although it was all very small items (like that Mini burger)... it was delish! We both got the drink bar.

My set also came with the Salad/Soup Bar. Ethan's came with the soup bar only.

After lunch, Ethan suggested we get a cup of tea. A great idea! :) It was So Cold today! (with a chance of snow!)

We have eat'n here once before, with the kids... when we were living in the Lodge.
It's Not like Big Boy's in the states, although it is a burger restaurant.
It was delish... and we got to have a nice chat over lunch.
Enjoy the photo's from Shopping and Lunch. :)

Take Left here and your off to the Train Station... Take a Right and you will reach the Walking Gate onto Yokosuka Naval Base.


Slime said...

Awwww, I feel the exact same way about Japan. I know this will be my last chance to live here, the clock in my head started ticking as soon as we got orders! Only 3 years?!?! How will I ever see and do everything in only 36 mths? The first 18 have absolutely flown by and now it's sheer panic, only 18 mths left! My hub thinks I'm a lunatic when I say we're running out of time, "18 months is plenty of time!" My heart is already breaking at the thought of leaving :(

Slime said...

Hmmmmm.....how big is your 100Y shop? Is it a Daiso, or something else? I was planning a trip to Machida on Monday to the mega-store, but I'm overdue for a NEX trip and a Chili's fix, if the 100yen store is a decent size, maybe I'll head to Yokosuka instead!