Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ethan's Sumo Trip [Tokyo]

Last month I surprised Ethan with a SUMO trip. The 33rd Annual Grand Sumo Tournament.
I bought him a ticket, and stayed with the kids while he went and had a relaxing Sunday watching Sumo.
I don't know much about Sumo, but here is a LINK to Everything about Sumo. Please Click the link (Mom... haha) to learn about this very ancient Japanese sport.

Ethan of course was nice enough to take many photos.

He boarded the MWR tour bus in Ikego around 9 am.
They arrived in Tokyo around 11 am.
They watched Jr. Sumo for a while, then shopped and ate/drank.
At about 1 pm the 'big guys' came out.
They enjoyed watching them until about 6 pm.
At that time they headed back on the bus.
It is between 1~2 hours for travel... and Ethan said he really enjoyed himself!

I am super happy he was able to go.
This is something we did not experience while living in Sasebo.
Tim & Kath also went on this trip. They all had a very nice time!

WOW ~Ethan... I am impressed! Thanks for the Panoramic! NICE!


After the trip, Ethan came home and shared with us some of the goodies and gifts he brought back. Thank You babe'...... We loved Everything!
The kids gobbled up these savory dumplings------>

Very Crunchy Crackers... they go well with beer... i am sure! ;)

More 'crackers' only these are JUST adorable! 2 small crackers, one round and one rectangular make a CUTE Doll.

I don't know, but i just loved the bags from his shopping.

Sumo Chocolates, Neat!

And, the Non-Edibles.
Sumo Kitty Chopsticks.
Everything you can imagine is sold with 'Hello Kitty' on it.
He bought 4 pairs, 2 Adult sized and 2 Children sized... I think, a nice souvenir from Japan & his Sumo Trip

Ethan bought a few prints. I asked him to find something i could frame for the wall.
So, he picked up these.
3 are different, and 1 is the same.
The Matted one on the right hand side has his 1st and last name written in Japanese, and the Date.
(Of Course i cropped it out for this blog)

He also got this poster... and they also wrote his name/date on the right hand side (also cropped).

He also bought a 'Kitty' Sumo Tea Cup. ;) I just loved all the things he brought back and the photos/videos too!