Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Blog-Birthday!

On Feb 18th my blog turned 1!
Having a 1 yr blog-birthday is something I thought we would never see. I have a little bit of ADD with some things, and never thought i would be able to keep this blog up and running, let alone post pictures and clips like i have!
So, this is amazing! :)

Here is the B-I-G News.........
Because I have committed to this Blog for 1 full year i am going to run a 'contest' of sorts.
This idea came from a fellow friend & blogger Tiffany. :)
Here is how it goes.

If you comment(on the blog) or reply (vie e-mail) or on Face book to my 'note' about this entry'll be entered into the contest.
What do i want you to comment about?
Write me something as long or short as you wish... about something you have committed to and stuck with for 12 months or more.

I will take the names of everyone who wrote me and we draw a name (on Video).
Whats the Prize? A Priority Flat Rate Box STUFFED to the gill's with Japanese Goodies!!!!!
Awesome Prize!!!

Please include your Address w/ your Comment/E-mail or Reply! :)
I will draw the name on Sunday Morning my time (Saturday Night Stateside time).
Good luck!!!!! :)


Kitty said...

I have felt guilty everyday for a year about things I never got done. Consistent, aren't I?

SabrinaT said...

Humm, so if I win does that mean you just bring the box to lunch?

HannFamily said...

I have committed to school, although it has only been part time for years, I have stuck with it and I am FINALLY in the nursing program!!

Navy Chief Family said...

you are funny sabrina! I have committed to finish a bible study regardless of the reasons I think I can't go that week.