Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day...from Japan~!

Today was a Very Low-key day!
It was more like Spring, than Winter here in Japan. We had All Windows open, and were even breaking a sweat!! The weather was unbelievable! And as usual we did not take advantage of it! (haha)
We spent the entire day relaxing, cleaning, spending family time and doing laundry. It was a VERY Awesome day.
Ethan even hung a few more things on the wall! :) Now, ... it's starting to feel more like home. This is sort-of sad, because we miss our family & friends- and- being in the states is just seams so long ago (4 months).
But, for the family and for our sanity... we Need to make this place Home. So, we are!
The photo's above are from 2 days ago.
Evan has been collecting sticks for a while now. Every day he brings a few home from our morning and afternoon walk. He has been asking daddy how to make fire. So, we had a SMALL Campfire on the patio. We did not have Marshmallows... but we did have Peeps! haha! we roasted Snowman Peeps from Christmas!
Surprisingly they were Delish! haha!
We wish you a very nice Valentine's Day from Japan!