Monday, February 16, 2009

Yokohama Chinatown

Yesterday we took the train to Yokohama Chinatown. It was Very Easy and was a wonderful to get out of the Yokosuka area for the day.
This is how we got there...

We took the train from Ikego to Kanazawa Bunko (3 stops). We got off @ Bunko and boarded a Green Train heading North (or twards Yokohama).
It was 2 Stops from Bunko.
(FYI... the train was packed, and for the ride to Yokohama we had no seats. On the way back, for 1/2 of the ride it was packed... when we made our 1 stop a few seats opened up and Ethan w/ sleeping Evan got one, and Olivia got the other.)

After arriving in Yokohama Station we made our way to the MM (Minato Mirai Line ~Subway~).

We boarded the Subway MM Line twards Motomachi-Chukagai.

Get off @ the Motomachi-Chukagai stop, the last stop.
Follow signs to the #2 Exit.

When you Exit the Subway, you will basicly be in Chinatown! Easy Peasy!

Chinatown is very colorful, lanterns everywhere... and has many street vendors!
Every few feet there are restraunts and brick-a-brack shops.

Sunday is obviously a very busy day to visit, unlss everyday is busy! :)

I just loved all the lantern's.

Next time we go, i would like to pick up something like this--->

It says China to me! :)
Chinatown was very $$$~!

All the 'Gates & Temples' were so big and colorful!

We decided to choose a sit-down place for lunch/dinner. We could have chosen street food... and saved a bunch of $$$! But, you gotta try some Chinese Food in Chinatown! :)
We chose a Buffet Style place. It was 2450Y (about $24.50) per adult. Olivia was 500Y off, so 1950Y (or $19.50) and Evan was 1/2 price 1225Y ($12.25). Drinks are Extra @ 350Y ($3.50) for a unlimited drink bar. We got '3' drink bars.
So our bill was about 9200Y (about $92.00).
IMO the kids prices were a RIP OFF!
The good news is the food was the BEST EVER, and Out of this World!
We WILL be going back, but not with the kids. Ethan and I REALLY Enjoyed ourselves!
It was a lot of $$$ but, it was worth it, for that one time.
Next time we will go with the kids we will choose the 'street food method'.

This photo shows most of the food selections.

This place was a buffet, but it was what i would call 'family style' and they served us. We did not have to get up only to get drinks and dessert.
Very casual!

The Chinese Meatballs were just beyond explanation! SO GOOD!

This dumpling was So different! I think it was filled with seafood of sorts, and the wrapping seamed to be made out of rice. I have no idea how they colored it so brightly! Oishi!!!

A few more of our selections...


There was this chocolate/coffee flan stuff with milk poured over top...... it's not pictured, because it was AMAZING and we ate it up!
We all shared, and Everything we ate was SO Good!

Heading home...

This is the 1st time have seen a Ladies Only Train Car. I have been told about it, and ever read about it... but WOW~ So cool to see it! Neat!

A beautiful mural in the Yokohama Station.

Olivia Finally sitting, on the last leg of the trip.

Evan slept the way home...

When we got to Kanazawa-Bunko we have to swap trains to get home.
We decided wake up Evan and leave the station. At Kanazawa-Bunko there is a Open Early/Late Stand-alone Mr. Donut. A Stand Alone anything in Japan is a big deal!
I have been here w/ Ethan a few times, but Never with the kids.
We all enjoyed a bit of Coffee/Juice & a Donut for 'dinner' (haha).
It was a nice ending to the day.

Donut line-up: Ethan (angel-cream), Olivia (the same), Mommy ... a Mochi-like donut, and Evan choose a Chocolate Mini filled w/ Chocolate mouse.

Don't ya just love Ethan's face? He does it on purpose!

The kids got to choose something to buy (for around 5$) in Chinatown. Olivia choose a Mini Tea-set. Perfect for Barbie! Evan choose a basic toy.
Mommy & Daddy choose this scroll for the wall.
It caught my eye. I love horses... and it just looks so pretty to me! ;)
Ethan really liked it too.