Saturday, January 2, 2010

Enoshima for the New Year!

Yesterday, for the New Years Day we went to Enoshima Island.
We did this last year as well... we sort of make it Yearly thing. Most Japanese People go to Pray on New Years, but we went just for the fun of it.
You can find Last Years Trip --->HERE<---
We took the trains to Enoshima Island, Walked from Enoshima Station across the 600meter bridge... and onto the island. We ate street foods (like Japanese Spiral shellfish & Sweet Rice Soup & Potato cake & Crisp Sausage and a Grilled Onigiri mmmmm, to name a few!), We walked A Lot, Looked at all the Shrines & Pretty Views, Washed some money, Toured the garden and went up the Observatory....
And to make it all worth it, we saw Fuji!
We also ate a nice lunch at the Outdoor Food Court. It was SUPER Cold and So Windy, but we enjoyed Ramen and Hot Tea's! Also the BEST Curry and Nann!!!!!!! OMG!
I wanna go back for more Curry and Nann Bread!
Above all else, we got to spend this years' visit with Good Friends from another base in Japan and Tim and Kath from here in Yokosuka.

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