Wednesday, January 13, 2010

35/36 weeks (pic's)

Ok so ... i am 35/36 weeks pregnant.
Some days i Feel HUGE and some days, not so much.
Today? I "Feel huge" but don't feel i look it... in these pictures.
Maybe it's the shirt. Let me tell you, i am feeling it now.
In particular today? Very high strung feeling. Biting every one's head off... heart beating fast and very anxious feeling. Maybe Panic-y?
I don't know.
Enough Talking... here's the pictures.


Navy Chief Family said...

You look good~I looked that big at 6months...then again i have huge kids...the last two were 9.5 and 10pds and they were early...Good luck...Can't wait to get up there and actually meet you after all these years.

Bryn said...

I check in every day, holding my breath, hoping for beautiful baby pix! Not yet :( Hope everything is okay !!!