Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Housing Stuff

Well, there is not much to say honestly.
We switched our names from the Main Base Town House List to the Ikego (like Hario) Town House List. Both list's are going to take some waiting... but the Ikego List is much shorter.
We always have tower living to fall back on.
I (not Ethan) want to live on-base.
This reason is a lot to do with Olivia and her school.
School starts here early, 7:25 am. If we lived off base, she would be getting up very very early for school. Mostly because she has to catch the bus.
So, this is about it.
We will be living in Navy Lodge for a while still. I am trying to keep my spirits up.
I will be buying some decorations for Halloween today sometime. I think once i do that it will 1. make me feel more 'home like' in this hotel or 2. make me more depressed that we are starting my favorite holidays in this stupid Navy Lodge. (I do have to be more thankful, because i could be spending it in the New Yokosuka Hotel and wowowowowooooooo those rooms are SMALL.)
So, that's the update.


cricketpaws said...

Looks like you guys are liking Japan so far! Say, we are here in Ikego and love it - and, three families are leaving our courtyard at once, so hold out for that townhouse!! Good luck :)