Thursday, October 9, 2008

AOB Day # 3 & Kamakura Train Trip

Today was a short day in our culture class.
The plan was to give us a one hour lesson on taking trains in Japan. The idea was to walk us to the train station, have us pick a destination, and see us off... yup... not go with us... just wave as we left for an adventure.
I have to admit i was a bit unsettled at this idea.
I mustered up some bravery and found another couple who was adventurous... and we went on our way.
We took the JR Train from Yokosuka *Sobu-Line (Yokosuka staion) to Kamakura.We got off Yokosuka *Sobu-Line and connected with Enoden -Line. We rode Enoden Line until Hase' Stop.
Just about a 10 minute walk from Hase Staion was the "Great Budda" or as the Japanese call it Daibutsu. Along the way we had the option of stopping at a beautiful garden/temple. We decided not to, because we were on a time limit. Also with Kamakura being only a 30 minute trip... i am sure will will do this trip with the kids. (Maybe this weekend)

So here is the time line.
We went to AOB class from 7:45 am ~9:15am. We met the guide outside the gate @ 9:45 am. We boarded the train at 10:15 (i think) and we were on our way!!

(After about 20 minutes of walking and 20 minutes if talking. We also bought a Suica Rail Pass instead of a 'ticket'. This Suica Pass cost 2,000 Yen (about $20 US dollars). With a Suica you don't need to worry about tickets and fairs. You only need to make sure it has Yen loaded on it, and it can be loaded up to 500$ (i think). It was very to buy... and easy to use. Minimum amount is 2000 Yen.
So, needless to say, we still have plenty of $$ for the weekend, if we feel like taking a train somewhere.)

After we got on the train, it was a quick and painless ride to Hase' and we got off the train, and walked about 10 minutes, through shops and food venues and we were there!! It was cheap to get in, and Very beautiful and amazing.
If you decide to come to Japan, ... (family & friends) we will definitely go!!

After we saw Kamakura we boarded the train again, and came back to the Yokosuka Station. We decided, along with our trip buddies to head over to Daiei Mall (like Jusco, but biggggggger).
We walked through the food store & the restaurant's. We were hungry for lunch at this point... We decided to eat at a soba/udon shop. We all had a great meal.
After lunch we went up to the 4th floor and went into a book store. I found a English/Japanese book i am enjoying.
After that we went into a small 100 Y shop (like a 1$ store, but better).
By this time, we were just tired... we decided to come back this weekend. We headed back to the base, found the bus to the Kids Childcare Building. (We could have walked, but we did not have the energy.
We got back to the room about 4:15 pm and we have been relaxing for about an hour. Tonight we need to get out, and get some food stuff at the commissary. Also we told the kids the could pick a small 'goodie' at the store.

So, in about 30~1 hour we will be going out again. We are trying REALLY hard to stay up later and later each night. Jet lag has been taking a toll. Last night we were in bed and sleeping before 7 pm. But, hey its better than the night before, when we were sleeping @ 6 pm.
We hope to stay up till 8 pm tonight, maybe even 9 pm.

Pictures will be in the next post.


Kitty said...

That sounds like so much fun! Getting lost is the best way to learn your way around. Admitedly more difficult in a foreign country won't be so foreign once you learn your way around. Have fun! Oh, and next time...take the cam!