Monday, October 27, 2008

Not much to report...

Well, as the title says, i don't have much to report.
Today Ethan and i went to see 3 more homes. The 1st 2 were a joke. J-O-K-E!! I mean, i was insulted that would even show us dumps like that. [I'm sorry... its the truth!! I have to be honest here.]
Although i have my heart set on living on base [yes, my view has changed...]... i don't know when we will see the end to this housing stuff. We were told to call today and 'see' what the #1 family thinks of the town home in Ikego. If they say no thank you... we get the place.
Well, i called this morning, thinking we would know if they said yes or no... she says they have until TOMORROW! Yup... 12 noon is the deadline for them. I am so aggravated. She said they has a 'time limit' and they were told on FRIDAY morning.
I have this feeling they are going to take it [who would not?] and ... we will be stuck waiting again. we have seen so many off base homes. A few are ok and a few are a def. no.
I kind of wish i would see something that is 'perfect' and that would 'sweep me off my feet' such luck yet.