Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Carnival at Purdy Gym [Yokosuka Japan]

This past weekend we went to the Halloween carnival on base here.
It was 2$ for Adults, 1$ for Olivia and Evan was free.
At the carnival they had kids games, jump houses, a mini haunted house.
Also, they were giving away lots of free items and had a costume contest [we did not sign up for]. Also they had free cookies and milk for the kids.
{i guess it was not 'free' because we paid 5$ to get in the building, but the 5$ was well worth it... to get out, and have a big of fun.}


Rachele said...

Man, Olivia is freaking cute! And Evan too! How are you liking Yokosuka?

Gina said...

I love their expressions on the second from the top pic. Having kids, I know that look, ha ha ha!

PS, Happy Halloween!!! : )