Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eating @ Daiei Mall

The other day we went exploring with the kids off base for the 1st time. We were up realllllllly early and did not think about the times the shops open. So, because of this we were forced to entertain the kids with soda. Well we thought it was 'soda'. This drink has bits of 'gel' inside. Olivia says it's like 'gummies' and soda mixed together.
Both kids just loved this drink... :) and a plus was it kept them happy until Mister Donut opened. (10 am)
I attached a picture of Mister Donut. Mmmmm we just love this shop from 5 years ago!!! Mmmmm Angel Cream is the best!!!!!

After a bit of shopping (a few hours) we decided to go have a lunch/dinner out as well. We took the kids to a place called 'Big Boy' in the Daiei.... a Western Style Hamburg Place.
Below are the pictures of My meal (i did not get a picture of Ethans meal before he dug in... :))and the kids both had their own meals... that were the same.
Oh and this entire bill only costs about 28~30$ us dollars... i think meals here in Japan can be very inexpensive.


Kitty said...

I remember eating at Big Boy as a kid in Michigan. I can't believe it's still around and the character looks the same. Neat!

Jessica said...

I'm from Michigan originally, and I LOVE Big Boy! I'm a stranger to your blog, and I'm so sorry if this is intrusive. I'm just curious and hooked now, because we are possibly heading to Japan ourselves, and we have two little ones. Please email me if you'd rather I not comment on your posts, or read them. pinkcookie019@yahoo.com I can't figure out how to message you to say that instead of in a comment :)