Friday, October 24, 2008

100 Yen Shop [Yokosuka Japan]

A 100 Yen Shop is like a $1.00 shop [only its sooo much nicer, and has way better quality items.]
I am not exactly sure where this 100 y shop is located, but i do know it's off of blue street to the left, by the train station.
It's on the 5th floor, and it's a 'good size' shop. [Not the biggest I have seen.]
They have just a bunch of stuff... nice stuff.
They also have a small grocery section, and things are around 100 yen not exactly 100 yen.
Remember ... to click the photo to make it bigger.


Tiffany said...

There is a 5 story 100 yen store in Machida. It's easy to get to (same line as the one in Yokosuka) and there is a TGI Friday's in Machida too if you're craving American food. Just like the TGIFriday's back home, only thier margaritas are 1200 yen. =(
At least you have chili's at your back door (for now)

Gina said...

Aren't the 100 yen shops the best here in Japan? The ones we get in the US, just never compare. Way better stuff and quality like you said here in Japan! : )

Kassia Reedy said...

Ohmigod, these pictures are making me homesick for Japan! I miss the 100Y store....