Wednesday, October 22, 2008

About Mikoshi Parade [Yokosuka Japan]

So on Sunday we went to the Mikoshi Parade held on Blue Street. The parade starts on Blue Street and ends on the Yokosuka Base (through Womble Gate).
We really enjoyed it... it was nice to see a cultural event like that the 1st month living in Japan.
The kids were totally tuned in. They both were excited and were very well behaved.
At this parade they had many booth's. They ranged from games to food... to kids items.
It was almost fair like.... maybe carnival.
Anyways, the kids got to play some games... and win prizes. We also tried new foods (for the kids) and enjoyed ourselves a ton!!
No... we don't have a new pet fish, although the kids were PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!! haha
The last picture was of Olivia with a big ole' smile. She was saying how much fun the day was... and how 'she had everything a kid could want'........ she is so funny!
I hope you enjoyed the photo's!!