Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Blue Street/Moore's City Mall

The 2nd day we took Olivia and Evan out, we went to Blue Street.
We ate at another American Style place, a child friendly place. This one was called Stone Burg.
At this place they cook your burger about 1/2 way done, and bring it to you on a H-O-T plate and cut it in front of you ,... and it keeps cooking on your plate.
You also choose a sauce and beware ... it will spit all over you... !!! (Wear the 'bib'). haha
The kids really enjoyed the Stone Burg, and i think we will go back. It was loscated in the 8th floor (maybe 9th) of Moore's City.
This place had a GREAT VIEW (picture below)
Also, it had an English Menu.
I will say that for Ethan, the Kids and myself... it cost about 48$ (4,800 Y).
(kinda pricy for lunch)
Wth the kids meals came a toy as well... and the kids were Thrilled to say the VERY Least. :)
The last few photo's are just random pictures off of Blue Street YOKOSUKA.


Hann Family said...

WOW!!! Its looks like so much fun to explore! Thanks for updating your blog, it helps us here stay up to date. We still miss you (especially Zona)

Tiffany said...

I love melon fanta!
Please let me know when you decide to take a road trip up 16 to Yokota. I'd love to meet up with you and your family. And we'll let you know when we head down to Yokosuka for shoes next time.
Yokota has more discount stuff (more like target or walmart) and Yokosuka has more name brand things. There's no levi's at Yokota! And you have more of a shoe selection!

Anne said...

Melon Fanta is my favorite!!! 7-eleven in Japan sells it in a bottle, FYI. I'm super siked that you are enjoying yourselves so much and getting out a lot already!!! Love ya!