Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Starts/Update of sorts

So, school started yesterday! :) Welcome to 2nd grade Olivia!
On Friday we went for the Meet & Greet @ her school and Olivia started to get really Excited about Monday's 1st day.
I will say that the 1st Morning went off without a hitch :-).
Then, around mid-afternoon i got an e-mail letting me know that school was releasing early; due to the Tropical Storm headed our way.
Olivia came home @ 1230 and we only saw about 1 hour of 'weather'. It passed Quickly.
Below is a picture of her and Evan on the 1st morning.

Today was another story!
We were total zombies this morning!!!
So tired, and the excitement wore off i guess. haha.
We all got to bed on time last night, and got good rest, but the morning just came 2 quickly!
We did make it to school on time/dressed & pressed... AND well fed. LOL (miniwheats)
Below is the pic from this morning.

In other news?
Evan did not get into the Pre-K program here in Japan.
We did not "Qualify" to begin with :-(, but we were told to put in an application anyways, Just in case. I did not expect him to 'get in'... but a LITTLE part of me thought... there is a chance.
Really though? Where was no chance. LOL

No real other news.
Ethan is working...
And, i am trying to get back into the routine of housework/staying home/keeping Evan busy and happy.
I CANT WAIT for Fall :-), so i am kind of counting down the days until the weather is in the 70's.

Oh and we have our week 16/17 OB Appointment on Friday. I will sure update you on that here soon.