Monday, September 14, 2009

~Nawlins~ Good Eats!

Today Tammy & I went to this new food place. This place is located right outside the Womble Gate of Yokosuka Base.
How do you get there?
Exit Womble Gate and take a left on Rt16. Then take the 1st available left... ! It's that easy. You'll see it on your right hand side.
You can park on the street and walk up & order. :-) The man who owns it, is very nice and the food came Quick & DELISH!

The menu is in English, as you can see, but they also have a Japanese version. All transaction's in Yen & Credit Card! :-)
The Portion's are HUGE IMO.

Let me just say, the sandwich was HUGE!
We shared one, and it was WAY Enough.

Oh and eating on the water ... was a nice touch.


Jessica said...

Looks SOOOO Good!!!

Gina said...

That looks SO SO good. You're making me drool here. : )