Thursday, September 17, 2009

17 weeks

So, a few days ago i took a picture of my 'baby belly' as requested by many of you :-).
We're 18 / 19 weeks now, and ... go for the big ultrasound Tomorrow!!!
I have no indications as to what the sex will be, we will try and find out though.
Olivia's going with us. Evan will be in school.
She is hoping/praying for a sister, like no ones biz!
And, if i have one small want... it's for her.
I would love for her to get her much wanted baby sister.

We have our next appointment on Sept 29th, and we should be around 20/21 weeks. :-)


Bill Porter said...

Awesome Blog! It is great to a Navy family into the Japanese Lifestyle. There are so many that stick way to close to the bases. I was researching the Takatori-yama statue when your site came up. I have spent a good chunk of time in Yokosuka and I am currently working Sasebo.

HannFamily said...

Love your belly pictures! Keep them coming!