Monday, September 28, 2009

20 wk Belly~Shot

This picture was taken in a bathroom, yes. Don't laugh (although i am... hahahaha)
Anyways, this weekend while we were @ the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo I thought "Why not".
So, i snapped this shot.
We are about 20 weeks now, and the baby is growing!
How do i know? Because starting last week the movements went from Flutters to Down Right Kicks! Now, i have not felt one kick from the outside yet :-( but Ethan Swears he did the other day. :)

I have my next OB appt this week and i don't wanna go.
Why u ask?
Because i Feel like i have put on 100 pounds in the last month.
Now, i know that's BS, because i still fit all my clothing, but ... still... i feel UGH~ for a lack of a better word.
I will keep u updated on whats going on with us.
I hope there is More Blogs and more about Japan soon, as i am getting my energy back :)