Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Was pretty low key. It rained and was so cold for 85% of spring break. So, we stayed home most of the days.
We did go to Livin (Walmart) one day, and i let the kids pick out a few trinkets, and try some Japanese treats.
We also Went Bowling w/ dinner one night.
Movie's at home, and ONE day of playing outside (b/c of Rain)... about sum's up Spring Break.
The kids of course played in their rooms, and had a nice break.
Enjoy the slide show! <--- click there, if you get this via e-mail. :)


Studentrntiffany said...

Did you deliver Ava on Yokosuka? I will be 28 weeks when I arrive and will be delivering there, and I just was curious about your experience.