Monday, February 18, 2008

Virginia Zoo [Norfolk, VA]

Our Visit to The Virginia Zoo was a success. Olivia & Evan had a great time.
Now, i have to say its not a big zoo. We made our way through 75% of it, in just under 3 hours. Of course with it being mid-winter we were chilled and there were a few exhibits closed. Also, there was construction. Overall the kids had a fun time out in the fresh air. The best part was the cost...only for gas, as we joined the zoo last spring. Unfortunately Ethan had duty today so he will have to join us next time. Enjoy the included photos.


rjsawyerhayden said...

I absolutely love all the pictures!!! The kids are growing so quickly!!! Oliva is just so beautiful, and Evan is a doll, as I always say, he looks JUST like you!!! I wish you all nothing but happiness in all your future endeavours, especially in the coming months...I love all of you!!!
love, Kelley

JAK said...

Great pics, how come you are hardly ever in them? You should let Olivia take your picture some time..

Love Aunt Jackie

Anonymous said...

now I wont to blob to. did I saw that right?? Great pictures the kids are growing so fast.
love to all

Ethan & Alisa said...

Thank You Kelley for the Nice Comment!! ;) Love you too!
Jak, ;) Because i am the one taking the pic's... And yes, One of these days i will get Olivia to take a picture or 2! ;) Love you!
Dawn, It's nice to see you checked this out! Thank You! :) Hey, if you do a Blog too... Link me! I would love to read it!
Love to all,