Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friendly's with Friends

Last night we went with Jasmine and her kids Arizona, Dominic & Corbin to Friendly's Restaurant. We were originally going to Red Robin, a Very Awesome place... but we (the Adults) were out voted! So, we took the kids to their choice. Little did we know that Tuesday nights are Kid's Night and Kid's eat Free! (One with every Adult) Also they had a Very Awesome Balloon Maker Dude creating all sorts of Awesome hats for the kids. Of course everyone got a neat-o hat. I have to vote Dominic's hat to be 'The Best'... (and i don't even have a picture of it :(:()... it was a Spider, and it was HUGE... so big it was unbelievable! LOL ...Olivia's Balloon is a Unicorn and Evan's is WALL-E. The balloon's were Free and 2 kids ate for Free and we all got Free Sundae's!!! What a Great night/deal!