Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Little Over A Week To Go!

With a little over a week to go, things are really moving along.
Today was a Long day, but fun i guess. We decided to get the car detailed. We wanted to come home 3 + yrs later to a nice clean 'like new' Vue. I called Saturn and they offer a service. It starts at 100$ and goes up. They do Everything. Not a reg ole' detail... they make it like NEW! This is the dept that cleans used cars, and makes them 'like new' for the lot. Anyways, It's Clean from the Engine~the Headliner! All the Stains and Spots are gone, it smells like new and the Wax Job... WOW! The car feels sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo smooth! Its wonderful! I would pay the $$$ over again, and wish i would have had this done a LONG time ago. We will be coming home to a Brand New Vue! ;) (Paid for too! NICE!)
While we waited the 5~6 hours ... we walked around in the adjacent shopping areas. We also ate lunch, and then after going back to Saturn to check up on the car we spent the last 1~2 hours looking around @ Target.
I don't feel like we got a lot done today, but i guess in the bigger picture, we did.

While we were at Target i picked the kids up some Silly Putty (in an Egg, Remember those??) and Evan needed Markers & Olivia needed a "Activity book". While i was there i also saw Mini Etch-a-Sketch's. I bought 2, and with them being light and small,... i hope they enjoy them on the trip. :)

Thursday Evan has an Eye Exam and i have a few more errands to run.
Friday we drop off the Vue at 'Storage'. :( It's sad, ... especially now that its nice & new!
During the weekend we have a b-day party to attend :) & lots of Pre-packing for the trip.
Monday is a Relax (or make-up) day...
Tuesday is a Pack-out Day #1
Wednesday is a Pack out #2 & Crate-up day
Thursday will be CLEANING CLEANING
Friday will be Checking out of our house (handing in the keys), Ethan will check out of his job (for the last time! :))
The weekend...
We will be enjoying the last few days with our friends in the area.


Tiffany said...

Oh... I wish we would have done that to our car! And Target... oh I miss that place!
Good luck on the moving process!

Kassia said...

Ooo good luck!!! Maybe we'll cross paths in TLF, we'll be here for a few more days. We can't stand living in 2 places so we're just going to move into the house until our HHG get here... some good friends here are letting us borrow their air mattress :) I will be thinking of you as you make the long journey across the pond!! Good luck!

Gina said...

OMG, I remember silly putty, ha ha ha. I haven't thought of that in years! How cool you bought the kids that! : )