Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bitty Baby [American Girl Dolls]

American Girl Dolls

When I was younger my mother bought me a 'Bitty Baby' by American Girl Collection.
I loved it so much i saved it for my daughter. Olivia decided that Bitty (this is her name) will be making her 1st Airplane ride~!
(Last time she went to Japan, she was on a Boat with the rest of our stuff... haha).
I have been looking everywhere for a baby backpack/front carrier... I wanted something easy to put away and simple to use. My Meemaw decided to make Bitty's carrier... and it turned our wonderfully... Here are some pictures!
Thank You Meemaw for the Bitty Baby Carrier... and Thanks Mom, for Bitty... so many years ago! She has really been worth the $$$ you spent! (Back when they were so very pricey).