Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Old Friend

Today while making myself some lunch i added some noodles and some leftover chili into a Bowl... i got out the cheese and onion ... oh and crackers too. I was prepared for a wonderful Quick Lunch.
Then i went to turn around and stick my bowl into the Microwave... as i walked toward the place the microwave is, i noticed... It's no longer around.
HAHA... It's been a few weeks, and ... i have done fine with out it. I even usually remember i don't have it, and make something in the Toaster oven... Today?
Nope... TOTALLY forgot that my Microwave is on it's way to Japan!
HAHA... You know ... That micro is a old friend... always around when you need it.......I will surely miss it... for the time being!

*And yes, i realize this is a incredibly stupid entry! *


Anonymous said...

Lol, when I die you can write my eulogy(sp?)!!!